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Sampling Lounge Etiquette

Stepping into a cigar sampling lounge can be a luxurious experience, but like any shared space, certain etiquette guidelines make it enjoyable for everyone. Here's a guide to navigating the world of cigar lounges with grace:

Respect the Lounge and Others:

  • Dress code: Check the lounge's dress code beforehand. Most fall within smart casual to business casual, but some high-end lounges might require jackets and ties. When in doubt,dress up rather than down. At Featherstone we are much more relaxed, customers are welcome as long as they wear clothes!

  • Mind your smoke: Be mindful of where you exhale. Avoid blowing smoke directly at others,and try to keep your ash contained in the ashtrays provided.

  • Volume control: Keep your conversations at a moderate level to respect the lounge's ambiance. Loud talking or laughter can disrupt others' enjoyment.

  • Respect the furniture: Don't leave your belongings sprawled out, and avoid putting your feet on furniture. Clean up any accidental spills or mess you make.

Enjoying Your Cigar:

  • Purchase your cigars there: Bringing your own cigars is not allowed. This is due to the rules that allow us to operate sampling rooms. Only cigars purchased in store can be consumed within the lounge.

  • Ask for guidance: If you're new to cigars, don't hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. They're happy to help you navigate the options and find a cigar you'll enjoy. Staff will also happily cut and light your cigar if you wish.

  • Cigar handling: Use the lounge's cutters and lighters unless you have your own well-maintained ones. Don't ask others for puffs of their cigars.

  • Sharing is optional: While some lounges encourage conversation, others promote a more solitary experience. Respect the vibe and avoid overly intruding on others' privacy. We love that our lounge is a fantastic place to meet new people that share a passion for cigars.

Additional Tips:

  • Mobile etiquette: Limit phone use, especially loud calls or video chats. The lounge is a place to relax and disconnect from the digital world.

  • Be courteous: Treat the staff and other patrons with respect and kindness. A friendly and considerate attitude makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

By following these tips, you'll become a well-respected patron and fully enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a cigar sampling lounge. Remember, it's a community space, so respect, consideration, and a touch of sophistication go a long way!

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