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The Charatan story began in 1863 when Frederick Charatan opened a tobacco shop in Mansell Street, London. There are many stories to tell: from the Charatan family's involvement until 1960 to the exclusive, highly popular cigars produced by Dunhill Tobacco of London in the '90's that made Charatan cigars the #1 Nicaraguan brand in the UK.


Over 150 years later the story continues.


Four years ago, Tor Imports Ltd acquired Charatan from Dunhill Tobacco of London with the ambition of improving the product offering and reinvigorating the brand.


In 2018 we took the first step and transferred the production of Charatan cigars to Joya De Nicaragua; the country's oldest and most prestigious factory. This allowed us to maintain the unique blend of high-grade tobaccos and ensured we could offer a premium handmade cigar at an affordable price.


Now it is time for the next step in the Charatan story with a makeover that reflects the ambition and intention of Tor Imports Ltd as the brand owner.


As we enter the Roaring Twenties, we are giving Charatan a new look that combines legacy and mythology with a bright future for the brand.


The dancing unicorn is a distinctly British symbol of individuality while the azure and white band reminds us of Nicaragua. This combination of Nicaraguan cigar making and British heritage is unique to Charatan and has been at the heart of the brand for over one and a half centuries.


Of course, our distinctive and popular blend remains unchanged and Charatan cigars continue to be exclusively tailored to the tastes of the discerning British aficionado.


Charatan has been blended uniquely for the British cigar smoker using a subtle blend of Seco, Ligero and Volado filler leaves bound with an Indonesian binder from Besuki and wrapped in shade grown Java. A light and medium smoke that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. A must stock for every humidor.


Wrapper: Shade Grown Java

Binder: Indonesia Besuki

Filler: Nicaragua


Strength: Mild to Medium 


Box of 25

Charatan Cigars

PriceFrom £270.00

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