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Piloted as one of the highly successful 2005 Ediciónes Limitadas, the Magnum 50 entered the range as a standard size in 2008. A big cigar, just over six inches in length, that delivers a rounded, mellow flavour and aroma.

Flavour profile: Light to medium

Herman Upmann was a banker from Germany who so loved Cuban cigars that he moved to Havana in 1844 and set up as both banker and cigar maker. His bank closed in the early 1920s but his cigars live on as a fine example of an elegant, light to medium flavoured Havana.

The brand is particularly welcome in the UK as Hunters & Frankau has represented H. Upmann in Britain since the 1850s and, between 1925 and 1937, owned the factory in Havana as well as the worldwide brand rights.

Amongst the best-known H. Upmann sizes are the Magnum 46, Magnum 50 and Magnum 54. As the name suggests Magnums have heavy girths – the number represents the ring gauge of each size. Other important sizes include the Sir Winston, the Connoisseur No.1 and in smaller vitolas the Corona J and Half Corona, which was introduced in 2011.

H. Upmann’s blend is composed exclusively of filler and binder tobaccos grown in the Vuelta Abajo zone and all sizes are ‘tripa larga, totalmente a mano’ – long filler, totally handmade.


H.Upman Magnum 50 Box of 25

£1,025.00 Regular Price
£922.50Sale Price

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